Living Hospitality

By Jennifer Waitte || June 27, 2022

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou I first met Barry Waitte ten years…

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Man in gray shirt and blue jeans leaning on a round fence post with wire and a horse in the background

The School of Wine Life

By Barry Waitte || April 26, 2022

I am often asked what the best part about being in the wine business is. If I have a glass in my hand, the answer is obvious. But in reflection,…

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Close view of Tamber Bey Rabicano bottle next to full wine glass

What’s with the Names?

By Jennifer Waitte || February 11, 2022

So, what’s with the unusual names, anyway? While he was out riding one day, vintner Barry Waitte had what he calls a “Nike moment.”

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Close view of Tamber Bey Deux Chevaux chardonnay next to full wine glass

From Bordeaux to Burgundy: Tamber Bey’s Burgundy Wines

By Jennifer Waitte || October 12, 2021

For years, our portfolio has focused on single-varietal wines and blends using these Bordeaux grapes. After all, that’s what Napa Valley is known for, right?

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