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When Tamber Bey Vintner Barry Waitte acquired his first estate vineyard in 1999 and a vineyard site shortly thereafter, he made a conscious decision: He would never blend wines from the two sites. Instead, he bottled unique expressions of each vineyard. From there, his interest in terroir grew. In the ensuing years, Waitte established strong, long-term relationships with growers in other appellations in order to diversify Tamber Bey’s portfolio of wines. Today, Tamber Bey offers nine bottlings from two estate vineyards and an array of site-specific, vineyard-designated wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Santa Barbara County, and Lake County.

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We approach every viticultural decision with sustainability and land preservation in mind. Over the decades, we have systematically replanted our Deux Chevaux Vineyard in small blocks to a diverse collection of rootstocks and clones, leaving ripped sections fallow to allow the soils to regenerate. Ongoing farming practices include planting cover crops, minimizing tilling, composting, and protecting the wildlife habitat along Conn Creek, which borders the property. We monitor vineyard weather, soil moisture, and vine stress so as to use irrigation as sparingly as possible.

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